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How to Edit Your Book’s Page on Amazon

As I mentioned in last week’s post on “How to Claim Your Author Page on Amazon Author Central”, over 15% of your book’s sales will probably come from Amazon if you’re the author of a nonfiction book and over 50% for a novel.

screen capture of Books page on Amazon Author CentralSince so much of the sales for your book will Continue reading

How to Claim Your Author Page on Amazon Author Central

Over 15% of your sales will probably come from Amazon if you’re the author of a published nonfiction book and over 50% of your sales for a novel, so your Author Page on Amazon should be as polished and professional as possible.

screen capture of Amazon Author Central Welcome pageAmazon gives authors Continue reading

Quality Control – Traditional Versus Self Publishing

Many traditional publishers have been in business for decades and have policies and audit procedures in place that eliminate most opportunities for errors ranging from minor spelling mistakes to costly legal issues such as defamation, invasion of privacy, or failing to acquire permissions.

series title of Traditional Versus Self-Publishing

In addition, the mere fact that a traditional publisher has chosen Continue reading

Expertise – Traditional Versus Self Publishing

Doing more than one of the jobs involved in publishing a book is not easy. Handling every aspect well is nearly impossible. series title of Traditional Versus Self-Publishing

Very few people have the time or skills required to Continue reading

A Simple Way to Get Book Reviews and Blog Subscribers

Now that online book retailers are generating 50% or more of fiction sales and 20% or more of nonfiction sales, having reviews posted on the page for your book on those sites has become very important.

screen capture of reviews section with no reviews yetAt the same time, it is nearly impossible Continue reading

Market Potential – Traditional Versus Self Publishing

One of the key determinations each author should make is their initial target market. While many authors would like to think that every reader would be interested enough in their book to purchase it, few have enough money to make every reader aware of their book via marketing.

series title of Traditional Versus Self-PublishingDetermining your initial target market should be a ruthlessly Continue reading

Infographics and Writing Tips from the Copywriting World

In this era of online images and videos, content creators (aka writers) continue to find new ways to communicate that help satiate the demand for visual inputs that can be easily shared.

infographic outlining six steps copywriters should use to sell more product

As words have become images, the term “infographic” was coined to describe a graphic visual representation of information that is Continue reading

Best Writing Advice: Challenge Happiness

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi shares in his TED Talk on “Flow, the secret to happiness” that people report they are most happy when they are doing challenging work and believe they have the skill necessary to do it well. If the work is not quite challenging enough then they feel they are in control but not as productive as they would like to be. Continue reading

Best Writing Advice: Don’t Try to Make Everybody Happy

As I was listening to Malcolm Gladwell’s TED Talk on “Choice, happiness and spaghetti sauce” I was struck once again by his ability to teach by telling stories with humor and surprising insights. I enjoy his style of presentation more than others, but based on what I learned in his talk, I would have to conclude that other people do not share my preference–and that is a good thing. Continue reading

Moving from Safety to Significance by Writing Your Book

As an author, what have you accomplished in the past few weeks and what have you left undone when it comes to writing and getting published? What goals have you accomplished recently? What is stopping you from finishing or perhaps even starting your book? Continue reading

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