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Expertise or Control – Traditional versus Self Publishing

An author fortunate enough to have a book acquired and published by a large traditional publisher will usually be required to sign an agreement that gives the publisher final say over a wide variety of issues include title, format, cover design, word count, price, release date, marketing, sales, distribution, etc.

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DIY Indie Publishing Is Too Much and Not Enough

If you read much on trends in publishing then you’ve seen posts by authors who have managed to get their books edited, designed, and uploaded and are now making a decent income from the sales of those books (usually ebook editions). They figured out  Continue reading

Speed to Market – Traditional Versus Self Publishing

Authors have a variety of options available to get their book designed, edited, printed, marketed, sold, and distributed. At one end of the spectrum is do-it-yourself publishing in which the author does everything from writing and editing the manuscript to printing, binding, marketing, selling, and distributing the book. 

series title of Traditional Versus Self-Publishing

At the other end is what is commonly thought of as Continue reading

What Authors Want

Recent research from Digital Book World points out that authors still look to traditional publishers for several things including the following:

  • a “seal of approval” to help legitimize their book
  • sales and distribution into bookstores
  • marketing to help rise above the crowd

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Marketing for the 99% – Getting the Word Out Locally

Many new authors of Christian books ask what they can do to reach the Christian market. While there is a niche of Christian bookstores, online retailers, and media that focus specifically on Christian content, the majority of Christian books are sold through the same retailers that sell all other books since that is where Christian readers usually prefer to shop out of convenience. Continue reading

What factors influence decision to self-publish or seek traditional publisher?

Digital Book World and Writers Digest surveyed nearly 5,000 authors and the top reasons authors try to pursue being traditionally published are “wide distribution” and “distribution into bookstores” followed by “marketing support from a publisher.” Continue reading

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