Traditional publishers have a wide variety of expenses (“overhead”) that reduce the amount of money available to pay for marketing and royalties. Where a traditional publisher may offer a royalty rate of 25% of net sales, authors who handle every aspect of publishing their book keep all the profits if they can cover their costs.

series title of Traditional Versus Self-PublishingSelf-publishing service companies (such as the ones I manage) offer royalty rates of 50% of net or more.

Of course 25% of $100,000 is far more than 50% or even 100% of $100, so an author needs to consider how likely it is that they can handle each aspect of publishing their book well so that they produce a quality book that thousands of readers become aware of and can find in bookstores. Fortunately, information on the various aspects of the publishing process is available, and service companies stand ready to assist as needed.

How ready, willing, and able are you to handle the various aspects of publishing your book well so that you can reach more readers and improve the return on your investment?

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The previous post in this series discusses the necessity of communicating and relating directly with readers and compares the advantages of an author establishing those connections versus utilizing the connections a traditional publisher can provide. The next post discusses the benefit of having your book sold and distributed to bookstores by a traditional publisher or by a self-publishing service provider that is affiliated with a traditional publisher.