As an author, what have you accomplished in the past few weeks and what have you left undone when it comes to writing and getting published? What goals have you accomplished recently? What is stopping you from finishing or perhaps even starting your book?

For many of us, perfectionism can cause us to doubt our abilities and to fear doing anything that might not measure up to our own standards or those of others. We fear being recognized as the flawed human beings that we all are (imposter syndrome), and so we avoid taking chances. In doing so, we merely exist until we don’t, we accomplish little of significance, and we leave little behind.

To move from safety to significance requires an awakening to the truth, the desire to truly live, the belief that significance is possible, decisive action, and a commitment to persevere no matter the cost. It helps to recognize that everybody lives in fear of not being enough: smart enough, strong enough, good looking enough… We are not responsible for being enough; we are responsible for using what we have to be significant.

Think of the books you have read that helped you in some way. They were written by ordinary people who expressed what they had to say from their unique perspective. No one else could write those books, and no one else can write your book.

We each have today and a limited number of days in the future to do something significant. It is time to find the joy of a life well lived. As you consider each day, I ask that you:

  • acknowledge that we are all flawed humans
  • accept that not everyone is going to like or agree with everything that you do
  • know that it is okay to fail as long as you learn, persevere, and start again
  • appreciate the gifts that God has given you and share them with others

Your book is your masterpiece and only you can write it.

What is stopping you from starting or finishing your book?

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