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Sometimes writing the description (blurb) for a book seems harder than writing the book. When you realize how important the description is—that it is the main element that pulls readers in and makes them want to buy the book—then the pressure to get it right can seem overwhelming. Here are some guidelines to get you on the right track and lighten the load:

  • Focus on the first line. Make sure it compels the reader to want more and helps them recognize their need for the book. Engage them and draw them in.
  • Get to the point. Tell the reader what the book is about and why it is the best book available. Quickly get to the subject matter and hook them so they want to keep reading.
  • Sell. Captivate the reader by appealing to their emotions. Focus on the problem they probably have that the book promises to help them solve.
  • Imitate successful books. Read the descriptions of the five best-selling books in your genre on Amazon. Copy and paste them each into a Word document to see the word count. You will need at least 200 words but some genres tend to have more. What else do those descriptions do to make you want to buy the book? How are they similar to each other? What words are common among them? You want to describe your book in a way that makes it sound similar but better in some way.
  • Avoid talking about yourself. Your information goes in the About the Author (Author Bio) section. The book description is about how interesting your book is and why the reader needs to buy it.
  • Leave them wanting more. There is a fine line between providing the reader with enough information to help them understand what the book is about and leaving them wanting more. You have to do both as you describe and sell the book. Pique their curiosity about the solution you have discovered so they want to find out too.

What is one book you’ve found that has a description that strikes a good balance between letting the reader know what the book is about and making them want to buy the book to find out more?

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