I regularly get requests from other bloggers who would like to provide a guest post for this blog, and I also run across bloggers who have done something cool and would like to ask them to do a guest post to share their experiences. I decided to make it simple and clear what is necessary to provide a guest post.

That said, the title of this page is “Guest Posting Requirements” so here they are! I recommend printing this page so you can see what needs to be done without clicking back and forth between screens and can cross through the words in each step as you complete them.

_ discuss possible topics with me to make sure we agree on the topic before you begin writing

_ review and sign the Guest Post Agreement which is based on a variety of agreements developed for other sites (I recommend using a similar agreement if you have anybody do guest posts on your blog)

_ write a post that is comprehensive and original

_ cite research and use personal stories to reinforce your claims

_ list 2-3 actionable takeaways at the end of your post

_ use links to any outside content mentioned but have them open in new tabs so people remain on my site

_ whenever possible link to other posts on my site

_ keep in mind that I have final call on all content and will delete or edit as needed; if you do not approve of me doing so then do not submit content