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How to Do a Giveaway to Get Subscribers

screen capture of lead magnet copyYou’ve seen them on just about every blog you visit — the offer in the upper right corner for a free ebook, white paper, infographic, etc. We all know we are opening the door to even more email in our inbox if we accept the offer, but sometimes the offer is just too good! That offer is Continue reading

How to Use MailChimp to Email Blog Posts to Subscribers

screen capture of Subscribe for Free Tips sign up formOnce you’ve launched your WordPress blog, a couple of good next steps are to set up a an automatic email campaign so that a message is sent to your subscribers every time you publish a new post and then add Continue reading

A Simple Way to Get Book Reviews and Blog Subscribers

Now that online book retailers are generating 50% or more of fiction sales and 20% or more of nonfiction sales, having reviews posted on the page for your book on those sites has become very important.

screen capture of reviews section with no reviews yetAt the same time, it is nearly impossible Continue reading

Relationships Matter – Traditional Versus Self Publishing

In this day of social media, one of the factors that determines success for any author or publisher is having direct relationships with readers. Traditional publishers that have large platforms including popular websites, large email lists, and other large followings can use those resources to contribute to the success of their authors’ books.

series title of Traditional Versus Self-PublishingHowever, relying on a publisher’s resources builds Continue reading

How to Create and Edit a Custom Page on Your Blog

As we were finishing up publishing Write Your Book recently, I realized that we needed to add a page for the book to our blog site where we can make the forms and linked bibliography that we mention in the book available.

Self-hosted WordPress blogs like ours contain both Continue reading

How to Redirect Users to a Different URL

As Amelia and I were finishing up the manuscript for Write Your Book, I decided to include an Amazon affiliate link in the Kindle edition and to suggest that readers share that link with other writers and share that Reading Is Fundamental (RIF) will earn a commission on the sales that result from that link being shared. I also decided to Continue reading

How to Add Google Authorship on Your WordPress Blog

When you use Google to search the internet, some of the results have the author’s photo next to them—and you probably consider those results to be more professional and authoritative and click on them rather than the other results. The photo appears because Continue reading

How to Generate and Add a Favicon to Your Blog

Your favicon (favorites icon) is the icon that shows up on the browser tab when a reader visits your site (such as the book favicon on the tab when you visit my blog) and on the bookmark when they favorite your site. It is a very Continue reading

Infographics and Writing Tips from the Copywriting World

In this era of online images and videos, content creators (aka writers) continue to find new ways to communicate that help satiate the demand for visual inputs that can be easily shared.

infographic outlining six steps copywriters should use to sell more product

As words have become images, the term “infographic” was coined to describe a graphic visual representation of information that is Continue reading

How to Launch Your Self-Hosted WordPress Blog

With over 57 million people in the U.S. reading blogs each day, blogging has become an important if not necessary way for authors to communicate with readers.

screen capture while working on a blog

As with books, most blog readers try to avoid wasting their time on inferior content. One quick indicator of a professional blog is Continue reading

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