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A Simple Way to Get Book Reviews and Blog Subscribers

Now that online book retailers are generating 50% or more of fiction sales and 20% or more of nonfiction sales, having reviews posted on the page for your book on those sites has become very important.

screen capture of reviews section with no reviews yetAt the same time, it is nearly impossible Continue reading

Market Potential – Traditional Versus Self Publishing

One of the key determinations each author should make is their initial target market. While many authors would like to think that every reader would be interested enough in their book to purchase it, few have enough money to make every reader aware of their book via marketing.

series title of Traditional Versus Self-PublishingDetermining your initial target market should be a ruthlessly Continue reading

Distribution – Traditional Versus Self Publishing

The biggest advantage to being traditionally published is arguably the publisher’s ability to get their books into as many bookstores and other retail outlets as possible.

series title of Traditional Versus Self-PublishingHowever, as more and more sales shift from bookstores to online/ebook retailers due to price, convenience, and selection, the number of accounts that must Continue reading

Return on Investment – Traditional Versus Self Publishing

Traditional publishers have a wide variety of expenses (“overhead”) that reduce the amount of money available to pay for marketing and royalties. Where a traditional publisher may offer a royalty rate of 25% of net sales, authors who handle every aspect of publishing their book keep all the profits if they can cover their costs.

series title of Traditional Versus Self-PublishingSelf-publishing service companies (such as Continue reading

Relationships Matter – Traditional Versus Self Publishing

In this day of social media, one of the factors that determines success for any author or publisher is having direct relationships with readers. Traditional publishers that have large platforms including popular websites, large email lists, and other large followings can use those resources to contribute to the success of their authors’ books.

series title of Traditional Versus Self-PublishingHowever, relying on a publisher’s resources builds Continue reading

Expertise or Control – Traditional versus Self Publishing

An author fortunate enough to have a book acquired and published by a large traditional publisher will usually be required to sign an agreement that gives the publisher final say over a wide variety of issues include title, format, cover design, word count, price, release date, marketing, sales, distribution, etc.

series title of Traditional Versus Self-PublishingDifferences of opinion between an author Continue reading

Book Sales and Distribution – Traditional versus Self Publishing

One of the biggest advantages of having your book published by a leading traditional publisher is the sales and distribution infrastructure that will get your book into hundreds if not thousands of stores upon release. Self-published authors simply do not have the relationships or infrastructure to do anything similar.

series title of Traditional Versus Self-PublishingHybrid publishers  Continue reading

Free to Succeed – Traditional Versus Self Publishing

Traditional publishers deal with a variety of issues, and some of those issues (e.g., the desire to maintain the perceived value of books by pricing them appropriately) may work against the broadest distribution of books and giving every author the opportunity to be published.

series title of Traditional Versus Self-Publishing

Success can be Continue reading

How to Create and Edit a Custom Page on Your Blog

As we were finishing up publishing Write Your Book recently, I realized that we needed to add a page for the book to our blog site where we can make the forms and linked bibliography that we mention in the book available.

Self-hosted WordPress blogs like ours contain both Continue reading

How to Redirect Users to a Different URL

As Amelia and I were finishing up the manuscript for Write Your Book, I decided to include an Amazon affiliate link in the Kindle edition and to suggest that readers share that link with other writers and share that Reading Is Fundamental (RIF) will earn a commission on the sales that result from that link being shared. I also decided to Continue reading

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