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Month: November 2013

Make Your Book Description Captivating – Book Marketing 101

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Sometimes writing the description (blurb) for a book seems harder than writing the book. When you realize how important the description is—that it is the main element that pulls readers in and makes them want to buy the book—then the pressure to get it right can seem overwhelming. Continue reading

Winning at Survivor for Authors and Publishers

Borders going out of business

Technological revolutions kill over 90% of traditional organizations according to Clayton Christensen, the author of The Innovator’s Dilemma.

Those that do survive always create a separate organization that rides the waves of change and benefits from new thinking and developing first mover advantages. Continue reading

Giving Readers What They Want: Both Paper Books and Ebooks

Kindle ebook next to row of books

The decline in the growth of ebook sales over the past two years seems to indicate that most readers have come to the conclusion that they prefer paper books. Ebook sales grew to billions of dollars in just a few years as device makers fought for market share and used advertising to help generate substantial revenue. However ebook sales have reached a plateau Continue reading

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