As I mentioned in last week’s post on “How to Claim Your Author Page on Amazon Author Central”, over 15% of your book’s sales will probably come from Amazon if you’re the author of a nonfiction book and over 50% for a novel.

screen capture of Books page on Amazon Author CentralSince so much of the sales for your book will likely come from Amazon, it is very important that your book’s Product Detail Page (click this link to see an example of a Product Detail Page) be as informative and professional as possible.

Just as Amazon gives authors quite a bit of control over their Author Page, they also give authors the opportunity to edit much of the information that appears on their book’s Product Detail Page including the Product Description, About the Author, From the Author, From the Inside Flap, From the Back Cover, and Reviews.

Before you make any edits, it is important to consider whether you want to take control away from your publisher (if you have one). Once you edit a section, you assume responsibility for it from that point on and your publisher will not be able to make changes. If you have a publisher then you should discuss this issue and decide together who should be responsible for editing each section.

To make edits, you must first claim your Author Page and make sure your book is listed there so that it is clear that Amazon recognizes that you are the author.

That said, the title of this post is “How to Edit Your Book’s Page on Amazon” so let’s get it done! I recommend printing this blog post so you can see what needs to be done without clicking back and forth between screens and can cross through the words in each step as you complete them.

__ visit Amazon Author Central and log in
__ click the Books tab
__ click the title of the book for which you want to edit the Product Detail Page (if the book is not listed then click the Add More Books button to add the book)
__ in the Editions section on the right, make sure the edition you want to edit first is selected (each edition must be edited separately)
__ click the Add or Edit button for the first section you want to edit
__ read the instructions provided
__ notice that the editing window has two tabs at the top right to let you either Compose text or Edit HTML (which allows more control over formatting–see below for html tags Amazon accepts)
__ click the tab you wish to use
__ make your edits (if adding or editing a review then enter the source too–the writer’s name and the name of the publication or website)
__ click Preview
__ if you want to make additional edits then click Go Back, else click Save Changes
__ edit other sections
__ if you want the content for the other editions to match the one you have edited then avoid editing those editions and the content will be pulled from the edition that has been edited and a note will be added at the end, e.g., “This text refers to the Paperback edition”

On the rare occasion that Amazon has made changes to a section, a Request a Correction button will be shown and you must click it and follow the instructions to have Amazon make the corrections you request.

Amazon only accepts a limited set of html tags including the following:

  • <i>italics</i>
  • <b>bold</b>
  • line break <br />
  • <ul>unordered (bulleted) list</ul>
  • <ol>ordered (numbered) list</ol>
  • <li>item on list</li>

Rather than entering tags on the Edit HTML screen, most authors find it easier to use the formatting buttons while using the Compose screen.

That’s it! Claiming and editing your Author Page is quite easy, but doing so is important for every author.

Were you able to edit your Book’s Page? Do you have any questions or concerns? Shoot me a message via the About/Contact page and I’ll do my best to help.