Now that online book retailers are generating 50% or more of fiction sales and 20% or more of nonfiction sales, having reviews posted on the page for your book on those sites has become very important.

screen capture of reviews section with no reviews yetAt the same time, it is nearly impossible to read about how to become an author without hearing time and again that you need to be building your platform. One of the key components of any platform is a blog with subscribers who receive a notification message (like the one for this post if you subscribe to our blog) each time new content is posted.

For most new authors, getting reviews and building a subscriber base is not easy. Everybody is busy and has more than enough stuff to do to fill their time. To get somebody to forego watching TV, reading a book, or browsing Facebook in favor of reviewing your book takes a substantial offer with strong perceived benefit.

One way to kill both birds with one stone is to offer your book for free to anybody who subscribes to your blog by a specified deadline and to include a request that the recipients review your book when you send it to them. You might even sweeten the deal by offering something extra if they review it by another deadline.

To get the word out, you can announce the offer via your blog, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.

To demonstrate how this works (and to get reviews for our new book and more blog subscribers), we are doing just that!

cover of Write Your Book by Pete Nikolai with Amelia NikolaiEverybody who subscribed to this blog by August 31 received the opportunity to download our new book Write Your Book for free. We sent a message the first week in September to provide information on how to download the book.  Now we are offering the opportunity to participate in a FREE Publisher Direct conference call with me (normal charge is $100 per person for these calls). If you review the book on Amazon and either your blog or Facebook and then email me by September 30  to let me know your reviewer name on Amazon then you will be invited to join a 30-minute call on how to finish a book, get it published, and market it successfully. Each call will be limited to 10 participants to make sure that everybody has an opportunity to ask questions.

So there you have it! To receive your invitation to participate in the next Publisher Direct conference call just review Write Your Book on Amazon and email me your reviewer name on Amazon by September 30, 2014.

Will you please spread the word about this offer to the aspiring authors you know? The more the merrier—and the better the questions on the conference calls!

What do you think—is this offer something you can imitate? What questions or concerns do you have? Shoot me a message via the About/Contact page and I’ll do my best to help.