screen capture of lead magnet copyYou’ve seen them on just about every blog you visit — the offer in the upper right corner for a free ebook, white paper, infographic, etc. We all know we are opening the door to even more email in our inbox if we accept the offer, but sometimes the offer is just too good! That offer is called an opt-in giveaway or lead magnet since it is designed to get readers to opt-in to receive email messages from you. Maximizing the number of people who receive your messages is important so that you have a substantial audience when you eventually have something to sell.

After you launch your blog and set up your email marketing service to automatically send a notification message each time you publish a new blog post, you have laid the groundwork to offer any type of download (PDF, MP3 audio, etc.) to motivate your readers to subscribe.

That said, the title of this post is “How to Do a Giveaway to Get Subscribers” so let’s get it done! I recommend printing this blog post so you can see what needs to be done without clicking back and forth between screens and can cross through the words in each step as you complete them.

_ go to MailChimp and log in
_ click Lists and then click the dropdown arrow to the right of Stats for the list you want to use and click “Signup forms” on the list that pops up
_ click “General forms” and then click the dropdown arrow to the right of “Signup form” and click “Confirmation ‘thank you’ page” which is the final message that a new subscriber receives
_ scroll down to click the box below “Subscription Confirmed”
_ edit text appropriately including adding a sentence similar to “Click the following link to download your free ebook”
_ select the words “free ebook” and click the link icon
_ click the dropdown arrow to the right of “Web Address” and click File
_ click Upload, browse to file (for example I am using the PDF ebook of our book Write Your Book), and double-click it
_ click Insert
_ when finished editing click “Save & Close”
_ go to your blog dashboard, rest cursor on Appearance, and click Widgets
_ click the dropdown arrow for the section that includes “MailChimp Sign-Up Form” (usually the Sidebar section)
_ click the dropdown arrow to the right of “MailChimp Sign-Up Form” and edit text in Title box to read something like “Enter your email address for a free ebook copy of Write Your Book along with occasional tips on writing, publishing, and marketing your book!”
_ click Save and go to blog to see revised text

That’s it! Now whenever someone subscribes to your blog they will be able to click the download link on the thank you page that confirms they have subscribed.

Once you have your giveaway set up you can promote it on social media and whenever you are communicating with potential subscribers. You should also give your current subscribers a chance to download the file so they don’t feel left out just because they were kind enough to be one of your early subscribers (if you already subscribe to my blog then check your Inbox for a message with a download link just for you — thank you for being a subscriber!).

Please let me know if you found this checklist helpful, if anything was confusing or difficult to complete, or if you have any suggestions for ways to make anything easier.

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