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Greetings from Nashville! I’m Pete Nikolai and I serve as the Director of Publishing Services for HarperCollins Christian Publishing, Publisher of Elm Hill (launched in 2017), and Publisher of WestBow Press (launched in 2009). I’ve been in the book publishing business since 1991, working in a variety of roles including sales, product development, and management for Thomas Nelson Publishers (a division of HarperCollins Christian Publishing).

I’m also the author of Write Your Book: 7 Steps and 7 Secrets for Finishing Your Nonfiction Book Sooner Rather than Later. I live in Nashville with my wife Amelia and enjoy a variety of activities including reading, traveling, volunteering, and helping others with their investments.


I welcome your comments, questions, or other feedback and can be reached via emailTwitterLinkedIn, Google+, or you can send me a message using this form: